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Mind Power Training in thrissur,Nlp Training in thrissur

Mind Power Workshop
It is a two days workshop usually in the week-ends (Saturday-Sunday) in different cities of the world.

Timings are 9:00 am to 6:pm with regular breaks at 1:30 hour intervals. 
Breakfast, Tea and Lunch is provided. 

The program starts with theory of Mind, which includes following topics: 

  1. Why do we work hard?
  2. What is Sharp work and Smart work.
  3. What is mind
  4. How many mind
  5. Powers of mind
  6. Different states of mind
  7. Alpha state
  8. Relaxation
  9. Visualization
  10. Mind programming
  11. Communication languages between conscious and subconscious mind
  12. Alignment with the universe
  13. Power of thoughts
  14. Power of belief
  15. Relation between our outer world and inner world
  16. Law of Attraction
  17. Vision board
  18. Designing our life