Spoken English-2020

Our Products
  • Quickly and easily learn to speak 2000 most useful sentences in real English which will make you an English speaker. Also, a 4-hour pronunciation DVD included.
  • 20 Computer-Aided lessons (Original US price $99.99), Easy to use software. Just see the text, listen carefully, and repeat aloud. The powerful Memory-web-association-method (MWAM) takes care of building the vocabulary, grammar, etc. automatically and naturally.
  • Lessons are taken from 10 real-life situations written by world experts in verbal communications.
  • Two special lessons essential for travelers to foreign countries. Example questions/answers at the airport, security, airplane, immigration, customs, tourist office etc. are given.
  • Teaches "Real International English" with correct pronunciations, accent and intonation (text translation in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and German are also displayed for extra help) For Software Demo check linkĀ