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    Conducts workshops regularly to train people to practice Alpha Meditation and use their Subconscious Mind. Workshops are conducted in various cities in India including Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Thanjavur, Pondicherry, Tirunelveli, Goa etc. Has initiated thousands of people into Alpha Meditation with the energy of Ancient Siddhas to increase their Mind Power and bring out their inherent positive qualities and enjoy better quality of life. Counseled hundreds of people and helped them to cope with problems in life. Inspired Lakhs of people with her lectures on various TV channels.


    Studied and practiced various systems of meditations from 1990 onwards. Interacted with Global Masters during various Spiritual Courses. Has been initiated with the energies of ancient Siddhas of India. Counseled people from various walks of life. Writes articles and gives lectures about Mind Power, Stress Management, Goal Achievement, Self Development, Positive Thinking etc. in various magazines.